Secret First

You don’t have to bet blindly, just hoping for an attractive odds. Luck – very slippery thing, and count on it very risky! Sooner or later she will take all your money from you!

Always look through the statistics, make the analysis of past games and, if possible, news about the situation within both teams. Most often, bets incorrectly determine the current state of Affairs at this time, but only justified by the rating, popularity or position of the club in the standings. However, the team may decline, it may have disqualified or injured key players, etc.!

Secret 2

In nature, there is no 100% winning bets, as well as 100% confidence in the result of the match!

Try to indicate to yourself that the MAXIMUM that can be is 90-95% confidence in the result of the game (this is the highest probability, and often no more than 50%). 100% can never be! If such a thought hovers in your head, then you need to do everything to make it evaporated … Find the prerequisites for the fact that such a result may simply not happen… Find a weak point, which is always there!

Secret 3

Do not be lazy to know the weather, which is expected to be on the day of the game. It plays a very important role, for example, in football and, knowing the weather conditions, we can expect the approximate flow of the game of both teams.

Snow or rain is a definite advantage in defense tactics, destroying in such conditions is much easier than attacking…Because the result is like a normal or dry draw when one and the opponents play for the sake of non-win-the most likely!

Repeatedly, without knowing the weather conditions, losing very likely rates … Rain or snow should be a surprise to anyone, but not for you! If at least something hints that there will be changes in the weather for the worse, then the best solution will be to insure than just rely on Mrs. fortune!

Secret 4

Find out detailed information from the mills of the two rivals. Disqualifications, absences, injuries – all this will help to predict the outcome as accurately as possible, and, in turn, to put your money right!

If there was a disqualification or injury of defensive Midfielders or defenders, this in itself indicates possible problems in the defense and potential missed goals.

If the disqualification or injury was the main player of the attack or the captain of the team, then the question arises: whether the players will be able to score, what they will do permutations in the tactics of the game, whether they will be able to implement the standard that will lead them forward.

However, if the main standards performer has been injured or disqualified, it can also make you think.

Thus, try as much as possible to study the future state of the players.

Secret 5

Do not bet on a dry victory of the club, leaving to play on someone else’s field.

One of the most common losses – a situation where the favorite goes to the team-the average/outsider, and eventually brings home one point… the Players of a stronger team often cannot set themselves up for a serious attitude to the outsider, and those, in turn, want to squeeze out the most to get even closer to the leader.

The most common situation occurs when the club from the top lines of the table plays an away match, scores once and tries to complete the match, almost without playing and without wasting strength, and the enemy uses this weakness and compares the score at the end.

Therefore, the bet on winning the guest club, wherever the opponent is not in the championship table, is always a risk, and the risk should always be minimized! Therefore, the x2 rate is one of the key options for considering this kind of layouts!

Secret 6

Repeatedly weigh all your options and make an adequate decision before the direct bet that the club will score on the road!

To make such a bet, you must first read and perform 1-5 points of these rules-secrets.

If you were really 95% sure that the club, leaving to play at someone else’s stadium, be sure to score, then feel free to bet!

But do not forget about the home team, because its task is also to score a goal!

Secret 7

Do not bet on too small and large quotes “to win”, especially when you like to play Accumulator bets!

Football Betting
Small and big odds — it’s almost 100% loss in the Accumulator.

Better not bet on:
large (above 1.85): the outcome is unlikely! If you think that the probability is quite high, then you should carefully read this match, and probably you will be able to understand why the bookmaker puts so inflated quotation! On top of that remember about matches «Fixed match» or «Match Fixing»! You probably do not know about them, but there are people who earn huge money!

small (1.09 and below): because it will not have weight in the accumulator bet, and only one this fact should already dissuade you. To what unjustified risk in one rate to the whole chain! And yet, often bookmakers simply based on the position in the championship and rankings, as they are not able to closely monitor all the Championships, tournaments and cups (this situation does not apply to the most popular Championships. They are all calculated carefully, and any change that may have an impact on the result will be taken into account)…

Secret 8

Do not bet on pure VICTORIES in friendly or pre-season, insignificant games!

The best option would be not to pay attention to such matches. However, if you still really want to bet on such a game, then keep in mind that the probability of WINNING in such matches is reduced by half or three times!!! You ask why? But because the plans of the coaching staff for these games are unknown to anyone. Perhaps he wants to try new tactics of defense, maybe he wants to test young subjects, giving respite to leaders, and the like. Maybe the players simply are not configured, which happens often!9

Secret 9

There is no need to dwell on accumulator bets from a huge number of matches. Remember, the smaller the number of events, the more effective the accumulator bet. how to bet on sports without losing The best option would be an accumulator for 2-3 matches, it is advisable and reasonable. If you make an express for 8-9 matches, then you will definitely get somewhere. But, if you feel that fortune is walking somewhere near you, then take risks at your own risk. Remember, fortune can wink at you only once, but you have 9 game combinations in your express prediction. This option should be considered only on express bets in an online sports institution.

Secret 10

There is no urgent need to take a hasty step for an accumulator bet if there is a low probability of the outcome. The most common mistake – you chose all the matches you liked, indicated your best bets, and as a result, the coefficient went lower than you thought, or it is round, or the coefficient is ugly. Never chase a beautiful ratio, leave 2-3 teams in priority and make an accumulator bet on the coefficients in the total final quotation in the range of 1.5-3.5.

Secret 11

Some people want to make the best bets on a large number of gaming combinations (let’s say, well, there are bettors who like to use a large number of bets). In this case, we recommend paying attention to the “System”.