Liverpool reached the UEFA Champions League final for the second time in a row. In the previous draw, the team of Jurgen Klopp failed to win the trophy, his guys in a difficult battle lost to Real Madrid with a score of 3:1. This time the opponents of the “Reds” are not as strong and well, but to underestimate it. Tottenham showed character in the group stage and the playoffs, and sensationally made his way into the decisive match of the season, so you can not discount Londoners, although bookmakers and most fans are confident in the triumph of Liverpool.

Now we will consider 5 reasons why Liverpool will win the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019.

1. Attacking trio Mane-Salah-Firmino became stronger

Last season Salah, Mane and Firmino were the best attacking trio in the Champions League. Three of them scored 30 goals and 14 assists. This season, Liverpool’s strikers cannot boast of such fantastic performance, but they have reached a new level, as they began to bring a lot of benefits to the team in defensive actions — this is a very important factor for today’s Klopp team.

The performance of trio “Liverpool” strongly decreased in the current Champions League campaign — a total of 12 goals to three scored MO, Mane, and Firmino. But for them, it was not worth much to criticize as the coach of the team chose a different tactic for the season 18/19 and it works and bears fruit. Each of the three players of the attacking trio became stronger, more experienced and wiser, they have mistakes, but how without them is football, this is the Champions League — the most difficult tournament where it is not always easy to perform, even for the most eminent player.

2. More experienced than last season

Liverpool scored a record number of goals in the last Champions League, but at the same time, their defensive play was just awful. They conceded from Sevilla 3 goals from Roma 4 goals, and in these results Jurgen Klopp share of guilt took over, as he made tactical mistakes, releasing attacking players when they were not necessary, while the defense in many attacks of the opponent looked just helpless.

In the 2018-2019 season, Jurgen Klopp together with his guys became much stronger, tactically more competent and experienced. Liverpool has started to win more matches, and very rarely lose points against weak opponents. Klopp learned to make reasonable substitutions, his exemplary club holds each match, while successfully acting in defense, and also effective in attack. Progress is visible to the naked eye!

3. Wall in defense

The arrival of Virgil Van Dyck made the defense of Liverpool mega strong! In the first season, the high Dutch back center stood out for its reliability, and in the 2018-2019 season it is simply magnificent, and in this position in the world, it is now almost unrivaled. Two awards: the best player of the 18/19 Premier League season according to PFA and the fans of the club captains and experts, the result is obvious, this guy is a master of his craft. It the reliability and support of the entire defensive line of “Red”.

In addition to Van Dyck, also stands out in the “Reds” two wingbacks Robertson and Alexandra Arnold. The guys have greatly increased compared to the previous season — they are actively connected to the attacks of the team, as well as confidently work out in defense.

As for Van Dyck’s partners at the defense center, they were Matip and Lovren. More matches spent Matip — that he successfully acts next to Van Dyck, although the Croat Lovren also added this season, he began to make much fewer mistakes in his own penalty area.

4. Reliable goalkeeper

If we do not take into account the fact that Sergio Ramos neutralized Mohamed Salah, the main reason for the defeat of Liverpool in the Champions League final 2017/18 was a young goalkeeper Loris Carius, who made many fatal mistakes. After this final, “Liverpool” obsessed with the search for a new goalkeeper, and have not regretted the money to strengthen the goalkeeper line.

So in July 2018, the “Reds” bought the Keeper of the Italian “Roma” Alisson Becker for a record at that time $ 73 million. The Brazilian from the first matches for the new club demonstrated his confidence in the goal frame, the red fans sighed with relief, finally, they had a reliable goalkeeper. Alisson played the season flawlessly, he made dozens of amazing saves, becoming one of the best in the world in his position. Had Becker and mistakes, Brazilian Kramnik is not so good in the kicking game, although by the end of the season in this regard from the also added. Alisson is one of the reasons for Liverpool’s success in the 2018-2019 season.

5. The length of the bench

Year of acquisition properly strengthened and diversified the composition of Jurgen Klopp. Nabi Keith, Alisson Becker, Fabinho and Gerdan Shakiri Came to the Anfield. The first 3 were the key figures for Liverpool, and as for Shakiri, he still gets little game practice, but the boss of the team believes in him, this Swiss is not just bought.

After strengthening in the summer transfer window all the lines of the “Reds” were well-stocked. For example, in the final of the last season’s Champions League, Salah was injured, instead of him came Lallana — at that time is not in the best shape. Now, to the place of Salah, Klopp can supply Shaqiri, to push forward Wijnaldum, again letting Cesar or even put the Divoka Origi. All of the above players are in excellent gaming condition and at the right time ready to strengthen this position.

In defense, with the arrival of Fabinho, there was also more alternative. In the absence of Alexander Arnold or one of the center-backs, Fabinho can play very well in this role, because in Monaco he had a lot of experience playing as a defender. Also a veteran of the club, James Milner is a versatile fighter, able if necessary to close the position of the leftmost or rightmost. Experience of the game has Englishman on these positions there is.

In the Central line, there is also competition and many options for the formation of the composition. Klopp can put in the center of Keitha, Fabinho, and Milner or Henderson, Wijnaldum and Cesar/Shaqiri or even to complement another trio. The depth of the structure is enough, and this, for a moment, one of the main factors in achieving trophies!


It was listed 5 reasons why Liverpool will take the UEFA Champions League 2018-2019. Of course, there are many more, but the most basic ones were highlighted. Also, reasons you can add the weakness of Tottenham, because “Liverpool” on all counts on paper is stronger than Spurs. Even as the cause can be called thirst of revenge for defeat in the final of the 17/18. The motivational factor cannot be excluded either: after the removal of Bayern and Barcelona from the tournament, Liverpool players are no longer afraid of anyone, they are ready to win any team.