Of course, in the era of PSG in League 1, all but the fans of the Paris team, waiting for the moment when the king will be overthrown, and the new champion of France will be able to gain a foothold on the throne at least for a few seasons and will not be a one-time impulse giving false hope.

For the season before the Parisians began to seize the advantage in France, Lille was able to take the championship of the country. This season, at a certain stage, the fans believed that the “Dogs” will be able to impose the fight unchanged favorite of the League, but apparently the season team Christoph Galtier and finish in second place. In any case, over the past four seasons, Lille has never hit the top 3, but looking at their current form, we can safely say that if it were not for the Paris sheikhs, the trophy definitely had to return to the “Stade Pierre Morua”.

What exactly was the success of Lille from two different eras, clearly seen on the statistics, style of play, the work of the coach and key players. Now about everything in more detail.

  • 1. Coach

The Lille 10/11 coached by Rudi Garcia. When he was a player he did not perform at the highest level. His record includes such teams as Caen, Amiens, Corbeil-Essonnes, but the most important thing in this list has the Lille.

Garcia passed the way from the average player to the head coach solely by his diligence and perseverance. Since the championship 10/11 French specialist consistently holds the bar victories at just over 50% for the season (Mauricio Pochettino in Tottenham for 5 years of work has a figure of 56%). Most notably, Garcia has never worked in Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bavaria level teams. In Italy, he got Roma, which he was able to raise twice on the second line of the Series A. After returning to France, Rudy began to coach Marcel, which at the moment is in fourth place and seriously claims the Champions League. Perhaps if this coach was given a chance to try himself in a club with a higher rank, he would be able to fully reveal himself to the football world.

Lille 18/19 trains Christoph Galtier. His career as a football player, just not much stands out, but it has one very important point. From 1987 to 1990 Christoph defended the colors of “Dogs”.

After completing his career, Galtier began working as an assistant coach in Marseille and even managed to train for a short period at the velodrome. After gaining experience in Greece, the Emirates, England, and same native France for him. In 2009, he finally earned the position of coach in the first team of Saint-Etienne. With the greens in season 12/13 won the French League Cup. Within a few seasons, he was able to raise the club from the second half of the standings to the European Cup zone and then moved to Lille.

  • 2. Lineup


Then Lille dragged the still young Adil Rami, nineteen-year-old Azahar, has not yet left for work, Gervinho and Gueye, who this winter was openly interested in Paris. They weren’t stars then. Azar has not yet won the Premier League and has not become one of the best dribblers in the world on a par with Messi and Ronaldo, Rami has not taken the World Cup, and Guye was just starting to become one of the best Midfielders in his role.

Of course, we can not say about Mikael Landreau, which by the way took not only the championship with Lille, and Nantes, and played for PSG before I came to the sheikhs, and took two of the Confederations Cup with the national team. You can still remember about Mathieu Debuchy, who is a graduate of the club and is in the top 5 Champions of Lille on the number of games played (after France went on increasing to Newcastle and Arsenal). The same can not be said about Rio Mavuba. He was captain of the team and, as Debuchy is in the top 5 players with most games for Lille, take the third place.

That team was helped by both their pupils and Legionnaires and the main actors on the field were on average about 25 years old, which gives us a direct answer, from which the head coach took the motivation for his players. That team was helped by both their pupils and Legionnaires and the main actors on the field were on average about 25 years old, which gives us a direct answer, from which the head coach took the motivation for his players.


Now Lille is dragging people like Nicolas Pepe, who is a countryman Gervinho (both Cote d’Ivoire), and the player who has scored 17 goals in Ligue 1 and who is actively claiming Bavaria. Not bad twenty-two-year-old Jonathan Bomba, who currently scored 9 goals and has not missed a single game in the French championship this season. After not very expressive playing for Chelsea themselves could find Loic Remy, who from time to time entrust the role of a striker, and the defense is quite a confident as for his age, spends one of his last seasons in the career of Jose Fonte.

Well, where without pupils. Adam Sumaoro and Yussuf Kone are also an important part of this team. As in the season 10/11 in the team, their pupils play on a level with the Legionnaires, the average age is the same, if not lower (do not take into account the almost elderly Portuguese Fonte), and the principle of the game is the same – the motivation of young players to achieve this goal.

  • 3. Style of play

Of course the main and the most strong side team 2010/2011 year were counterattacking. At the expense of speed and technique, Gervinho and hazard were created, the vast majority of chances and good defense took care of all the blows of the opponent.

At the moment, little has changed. For example, take the game against Strasbourg in the 26th round of the French championship.

So, what unites these groups? Both the French coach played for Lille as football players, practiced in other countries and adhered to the same philosophy of the game. The team that pattern in the current is, as pupils, and foreigners, and some foreigners even have the same passport as their colleagues 8 years ago. Teams of two eras play the same style of play: counterattack, quick selection, short pass, as well as key players of the 2010/2011 season and the 2018/2019 season of almost the same age.

It is not surprising to see Pepe as a promising and Bamba will soon move to the top clubs (for example the same hazard), and the team will continue development on this vector, because as history shows in Lille shows the best results using all of the above factors.