This game originally did not exist any intrigue. If in the first meeting “Schalke” would not have smeared the ending and kept the score 2:1 in their favor, it was possible to come up with motivation. But the goals of Sane and Sterling brought “City” victory, which means the Germans were almost in the coffin.

However, the Champions League has recently lost “adequacy”, and guaranteed, it would seem, victories began to turn into epic defeats. And last season, and the year before, and even a week ago – all this madness is reminiscent of a pattern.

Sensational departures, PSG and Real Madrid have forced even “MC” careful advantage before the second leg. “I prefer the score 3:2, not the one that was a year ago after the first game with Liverpool-the day before the starting whistle PEP Guardiola recalled 0:3 at Enfield in the quarterfinals of LC-2017/18. “But anything can happen in this tournament.”

And at the press conference, the coach of “MC “called his team” teenagers”, Recalling that in the Champions League she became a regular guest recently. But right now, the bookies consider the English to be the tournament’s favorite, so Pepe was clearly being modest.

Guardiola could release the second part of the game, because “City” continues to fight as much as three trophies and must save power. But the citizens have and so crazy rotation, and the basis from the reserve to distinguish problematic. Bernard Silva, Aguero, Sane, Sterling – all of them came out in the starting lineup. And scored.

“Schalke” held more than half an hour, but still missed when Bernard Silva was demolished in the penalty area. Aguero “penalty shot” penalty and opened the portal to the defeat. Schalke used to leave open areas, but “City” didn’t use them until the 35th minute. Then holes in the German defense became wider. Especially on the flanks, where the second and third balls came from.

Between the first goals Aguero and Sana it’s only been eight minutes, but they need to subtract another three – so much left to view the episode before the second the exact impact of the Argentinian. VAR long lined the line of offside and still took the side of the attack – sterling was on the same straight line with the defender. And rightly so: an elegant scoring pass of the Englishman’s heel should not have been left without a reward.

Zinchenko in this match, too, was noted for an excellent scoring pass on the Sane, and in the second half already with the score 4:0 received an unnecessary yellow card for talking to the referee – his first in the season.

Schalke would have had a better chance if VAR was on his side. But in the second half, one goal of “City” was canceled, and the other was counted. And you did the right thing. At some point it seemed that the hosts stopped, but came to replace Gabriel Jesus and Fowden reanimated the game and set the final score. 7:0 – and Manchester City repeated the result of the biggest victory in the history of the Champions League playoffs. Before that, both times Bayern were different – in the 1/8 finals of the draw – 2011/12 Munich defeated Basel, and in the season 2014/15 at the same stage Shakhtar suffered from them.