Real Madrid will face Ajax after two consecutive home defeats in El Clasico. How to make this week the blackest in the recent history of Real Madrid.

Just imagine…

Last Wednesday, Real Madrid showed bright football in the El Clasico Cup, created a lot of chances, but Barcelona was many times more effective and managed not just to win, but to defeat the ”cream“ at Santiago Bernabeu with a score of 3:0. Three days later, Real Madrid had the opportunity to take revenge on the worst enemy, but not fate! In the match Of La Liga Santiago Solari team shot the Catalans — 17 : 9 on blows, but again lost, albeit this time modestly — 0:1. Two defeats in three days from Barcelona for the Madrid public is some kind of a nightmare come true. Could anything be worse for the Royal club?!

But this story can be further aggravated! For example, if after two fiasco in El Clasico Real Madrid in front of their fans will fly out of the Champions League and de facto deprive themselves of chances for trophies this season. Not too afraid to make a mistake, I will assume that many people want to “Madrid” to such a fate, at least, because the “creamy” tired of everyone except their fans, victories in the Champions League, and people want the overthrow of the Colossus and the establishment of the new government.

The first series. VAR ate a goal in Amsterdam, Real Madrid won

Three weeks ago, “Real” stayed in Amsterdam, where he was under the onslaught of the young “Ajax” and barely took his feet from the capital of the Netherlands. Something this match was reminiscent of the recent El Clasico, only this time the ”cream“ was in the role of a team that allows you to play and create moments of the opponent, and then, using the class and composure, realized their moments. Ajax did not deviate from their principles under Eric Ten Hag, the Dutch honestly fought with Real Madrid for the initiative and owned the ball as much as the guests.

At the end of the first half, Ajax opened the score, but VAR showed that in the scoring episode Dusan Tadic, being offside, took an active position and interfered with Thibaut Courtois. As a result, a valid way to score opened “Real” at the end of the hour of the game, Ziyeh scored in response, but in the end, came to replace Asencio snatched victory for the “cream”. Widely discussed episode in the development of the attack, the results of which on the lawn was Frankie De Jong, but the letter of the law here, too, everything is clean: future player of “Barcelona” tried to hold back Lucas Vazquez, and did not stay on his feet after coupling with the winger of Real Madrid. Team Solari won, but confidence from Madrid in the first match did not even smell.

Depressing series “Ajax”

In the Dutch-Spanish confrontation now continues “creamy” series. Between 1973 and 1995, Ajax and Real Madrid played four games and won them all! Invisible but then the Director changed the film, with 2010 winner is always “Real”. The success of three weeks ago was the seventh in the sequence of victories, the total score of which is 22: 3. And I must say that 1:2 — Real progress for Ajax because the previous five meetings of the “children of God” lost with a rushing score. The brighter and nobler goal wards Eric Ten Hag: to win against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, to rid the Champions League from the hegemon of recent years and to interrupt his protracted series of failures against Madrid.

How are the teams?

Having lost to Barcelona twice, Real Madrid lost their chances for trophies inside Spain. In the Spanish Cup final will play “Barcelona” and “Valencia”, and the standings of La Liga “Madrid” closer to “Getafe” and “Alaves” (6 and 8 points, respectively), occupying fourth and fifth place than to one of the leaders of the Catalans (12 points lag). In such a situation, it remains only to throw all the forces on the Champions League, to the next match which Solari team certainly fits in a depressed state after two fiasco in El Clasico.

In addition, the disqualified Sergio Ramos will not be able to play against Ajax, so the center of defense will have to put an experimental combination. It is unlikely that Solari and counts on Gareth Bale, who after a replacement in the match with Barcelona jumped into the car and went home without waiting for the end of the match. Welsh-cut slice, “Real” should part with it in the summer. The team of Gareth not understand and do not like, now the odds have increased, and this is also a chance to “Ajax”.

Amsterdam, in contrast to the ”cream”, is in a good mood and in great shape. “Ajax” positive time between the two duels against real Madrid: won the “Breda” 5:0, then “Den Hag” 5:1, and last Wednesday, they held up a principled opponent in the semi-finals of the Dutch Cup with 3:0 in the match against Feyenoord. Yes, Ajax was almost a week to full training for real Madrid, match of the 24th round of Eredivisie against “Zwolle” was moved. “Madrid” is creeping up to the game in the Champions League after two El Clasico and even lost (against the background of defeats harder to recover). This may prove to be a determining factor.

Approximate composition of Real Madrid (4–3–3): Courtois — Carvajal, Varan, Nacho, Regilon — Casemiro, Kroos, Modrich — Vazquez, Vinicius, Benzema.
The preliminary content of Ajax (4–3–3): Onan — Mazroui, De Ligt, Blind, Tagliafico — De Jong, van Beck, Shen — Sieh, Tadic, Neris.

Words before the game

Santiago Solari, head coach of Real Madrid»:

The team is eager to win, I like it very much. We will play to win, as always. The team is on the move and experienced enough to calmly perceive what is being said around. We work hard and, of course, we are upset when we lose, but we do not remove the task to perform well in the championship. Now we have the Champions League on our agenda. It is a pity that Sergio Ramos will not play. He is the leader. However, we have enough experienced and cool players to replace him.

Erik Ten Hag, head coach of “Ajax»:

Our goal is obvious, but it is unchanged in every match — to score goals. We’re Ajax, and we don’t care who we play against. We will always try to dominate, score and win. “Real Madrid” will not help Sergio Ramos, and this is the real boss on the football field, the pillar of defense of Madrid. I am sure that for real Madrid it is not only a tactical, but also a psychological loss. We want to decide our own fate on the Santiago Bernabéu. All players understand that if they want to continue the fight for the title, there is one last chance. We always try to take the initiative. This is our style of football. Ajax is still fighting on three fronts, but in the next match, we need to play at the level of Real Madrid.

Casemiro, Real Madrid midfielder»:

The game of Ajax in the first match did not surprise me. They played two great games against Bayern. We will try to play with them as we played in the first match. Our game in Amsterdam was not brilliant, but the result was good. It is important for us to go to the next round, and how it will happen — it does not matter.

Frankie de Jong, Ajax midfielder and future Barcelona player»:

When I signed the contract, Barcelona asked me to knock Real Madrid out of the Champions League. I saw the last Clasico, but I did not analyze Real Madrid, I just looked like a fan. If we knock out Real Madrid, we will surprise the whole world and again put Ajax on the football map.

Prediction “BETSNN.COM”: two weeks ago I fully agreed with Mark Overmars and gave 20% to Ajax in the quarterfinals. Now it seems that the chances of Amsterdam have even grown taking into account the mood of Real Madrid and the freshness of Ajax against the enemy. I can not guarantee a sensation, but it is in this pair is quite possible with applications in the form of overtime and a penalty shootout.