“Magic Ajax” on “Santiago Bernabeu”. Feat name Solskjaer on “Parc des princes“. It seems that the current Champions League in the concentration of football wonders has already surpassed everything we have seen before. Last week, it was as if we were being prepared for another incredible evening named Cristiano Ronaldo, who showed the world, and at the same time Diego Simeone, who actually has big balls!!


Not just with gestures like a hot Argentinian, but with three murderous blows. These strikes showed why Juventus blew up the transfer market last summer, putting everything on the”seven”.

And would you call now empty boasting five Krish, symbolizing the number he won the championship cups? Who does not remember – it was he in the first match answered the fans of Atletico to the whistle. Kicked, never won in the Champions League “Athletico”.!!

That performance, as, in fact, and the game performed by the Portuguese, caused a negative reaction. He remembered everything-from arrogance and disrespect to the opponent to the banal inability to adequately lose. The critics were right, but they didn’t consider who they were dealing with.


Perhaps the Portuguese really does not know how to admit defeat. More importantly, he hates them, and it is inherent in a truly great athletes. The peculiarity of Ronaldo gave us a new football miracle.

And Simeone is another nightmare. 21 a missed ball from one person is something beyond. But who is interested in the losers, except themselves and unhappy fans? It is their personal grief, and Ronaldo’s next feat – property of all football world and confirmation of greatness of the five-time owner of “Gold ball”.

A man made for big games and big wins. Who scored in the playoffs of the Champions League more goals than at the checkpoint for the top clubs of the group stage (63 goals against 61). Making your first Italian hat-trick on the day and hour when it was most needed is also something special. As well as the fact that for all its great history Juventus has never before gone to the next round of European cups, losing in the first match in two goals.

Now in the history of Turin written a new Chapter, which is sure to remember the exultant son Ronaldo and tears of happiness in the eyes of his wife. Crazy emotions turned into a boys bosses “Old lady” and the incredible dedication of the 500th match Chiellini in black-and-white t-shirt. And, of course, the words of Massimiliano Allegri, which shocked everyone a few days, that the departure from the tournament will not be a tragedy for Juve. The great tactician was also a brilliant psychologist, who managed to remove unnecessary tension from the team. Or-to hurt the pride of the players.

Including Ronaldo, for whom every defeat is a tragedy. Perhaps just such a person was lacking them for performance league champions cherished dreams. The answer to the main question we will find out later, but now we can say: Cristiano has all the chances to return to the “Vanda Metropolitano” on June 1 and show the stands not five, but six championship fingers.