In Madrid “Real” returned a man who was of paramount importance to the successful performance of “cream” in the European arena. Zinedine Zidane was absent only 9 months, but the team has already lost all chances of winning at least some tournament for the first time since the season 2012-13.

In football, there were coaching returns, but often such moves did not give the expected results from the leadership and fans are extremely positive. Comeback of Jose at Chelsea in 2013 hard to call a failure, but because of the collapse of the 2015-16 season is the return of the bad rather than the triumph. So Jose, according to the European media, was the main candidate to replace the totally failed Santiago Solari. It seemed another return of the “special” is inevitable, but in the end, the post of head coach of Real Madrid appointed the most cunning man of the football world – Zinedine Zidane.

Con man or Savior?

Zidane’s departure from the post of head coach of real Madrid after the final of the LCH is a well – planned action. Now we can say for sure that Zidane then acted not in a fever, not in a fit of emotions and self-pity, and coolly laid himself the softest Persian rug, on which he will be in 9 months again to lead the “creamy”. Of course Zizou couldn’t predict if it’ll work the coaching career He. In this case, he had options with the continuation of a career in Juventus, and even in any position that he would only want and also with Cristiano Ronaldo in the composition. The cunning Algerian had all the cards.

Zidane returned to Real Madrid on terms that even Pepa could not dream of. For Zizou the last word in signing new players, he decides whom to remove, and whom ask and now in case unsuccessful results he quietly can to blame Peres, which not has acquired him contingent Mbappe or Kante. If his return will be a failure, he in time will gather a press conference and announce his resignation, and later easily find a new place to work in every corner of the world.

Zidane is not cool in absolute win. If he will sign the attack star level Cristiano, and on the football fields of the world which is now only Mbappe and Messi, the “real” can return to the podium. Lionel certainly will not be in Madrid, and Killian may well in the coming seasons to change one capital club to another.

Although Zidane won 3 cups of the Champions League, it is very difficult to talk about his coaching talents, because he did not work as a head coach at a high level even for a full three years! But the motivator he is certainly brilliant, he keeps the locker room perfectly and perhaps the best in the world can cope with the temper of stars such as Marcelo, Ramos, Modrich and others.

Less than a year has passed since Zidane’s resignation, but the team is completely different and the players show football of a completely different polarity. Whether Zizou will be able to revive Marcelo and Ko, whether he will be able to breathe confidence in Courtois or return to the basis of Navas, how he will build an attack without Cristiano and what will happen to Vinicius Junior – all this we have to see and time will show who Zidane for “real” – a brilliant swindler or a great Savior.