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Hello there. My name is Alex 37 years old and I am software developer. I have a lot of experience in betting since 2007. For 15 years, a lot of money was lost, a large number of strategies, different sports were tried, and for some time the result was, but it was not stable. At the beginning of 2022, I build an software based on Neural network for Live bets. It doesn't matter what the statistics of H2H games were, what odds were before, you don't need to know all basketball teams or understand the rules of the game. All predictions are calculated in real time, which helps to be one step ahead of the bookmaker. For today, this is the most stable and guaranteed earnings on betting.

How to start earn?


Betting as an investment, allocate a bankroll (not last money or credit)

Any Bookie

Events (tips/picks) are available for betting at each bookies

Betting Strategy

On every bet you should put on flat amount, 10% of Bankroll

Copy bets

Simply copy our bets and we guarantee a profit in 1 month

Our picks

We are betting on Live Basketball.


for example: an stake of 500 or 10% of BR is taken for the calculation. Your stake may be different!

November ROI 41%

Your Bankroll $1000: Profit $410
Your Bankroll $3000: Profit $1230
Your Bankroll $5000: Profit $2050

Date W/L Avg. Odds Profit Result
13.11 2 win / 1 loss 1.90 +8%
11.11 3 win / 0 loss 1.90 +27%
10.11 1 win / 0 loss 1.90 +9%
07.11 0 win / 2 loss 1.90 -20%
06.11 3 win / 1 loss 1.90 +17%
(10% OF BR)
ROI 41 %

Pricing for Our service

PayPal / Skrill / Bitcoin / Western Union
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Live Betting
Trial access
Guaranteed result


First month

Live Betting
Full support and training
Expected profit +100%


Second Month

Live Betting
Full support and training
Expected profit +100%

Frequently Ask Questions

The questions are constantly being updated. Stay tuned for the most up-to-date information.

How can I get a 3-day trial period?

It's very simple: make a payment in any VISA, MASTER CARD $20. You will be added to the VIP chat for 3 days.

When does Live Betting start?

In the evening I will announce the matches for the next day that we will watch. Before the start of in-play, I send a message in the channel about the start. Then I send the matches in which the bet is expected.

How long does it take to Live Betting?

From 30 minutes to 3 hours. This does not mean that you need to be in front of the computer monitor all the time, I choose the most reliable bets for you. You just need to be ready to make a quick bet. A little patience, experience and you will succeed. After completing the live betting I close the day with a profit or loss and report it in the chat room. No more betting on this day - we do our personal business.

I'm new to betting and don't know how to do In-play bets!

For beginners and those who do not know well, we have prepared detailed instructions on how to bet in play. The rest depends only on your desire to earn.

I don't have enough time to do live betting!

First I send a live bet to the channel, then I make my own bets. Absolutely all bets are real to place. Some bets I make personally in 7-9 minutes after post. See above.

Game strategy

The plan for the game is very simple - to fix the profits of the day - for this it is enough to make only 2 winning bets. Losses - they also need to be fixed to minimize losses and increase the bank evenly.

How many Live Bets a day?

See above. From 2 per day.

Is the reported profit in the statistics accurate?

These are the minimum profit calculations. The calculation is based on an average of 1.90 odds. But in real the odds are higher from 1.90 to 3.50. Recommended for the game odds are not lower than 1.80. In general, where an equal number of wins and losses are recorded and marked for example -3% of the bank may actually be breakeven or a small profit. Because the odds are often above 2.00